Citizen Service Centers


Vupadhi Techno Services is an established Technology company building products in the areas of eProcurement & eGovernance. Vupadhi's Journey has begun as a Technology Partner for "MeeSeva”, the Citizen Friendly Services of Andhra Pradesh State, and currently has an impressive client list comprising of Andhra Pradesh Technology Services, ITE&C Department, Electronic Services Delivery (ESD), Govt. of A.P. and Telangana.

Vupadhi Techno Services is the service provider for MeeSeva which is a good governance initiative that has bought in accountable, transparent, and innovative delivery of Government services to the citizens. MeeSeva has redefined the way government services are delivered to citizens thru an integrated and collaborative approach of 36 departments covering about 350 services. Vupadhi thru MeeSeva has taken the government to the citizen's doorsteps by providing these G2C and B2C 350 services through 4500 franchisee centers and 110 Government-owned centers spread across the state of Telangana. The platform serves about 1,00,000 citizens a day on average preventing their need to visit Government offices.

The vision of the initiative is any time/ anywhere/ any mode of service delivery to 3.5 crore citizens of the state of Telangana.