As part of Digital India initiative by Government of India we have launched eStamp Automation Product. Our vision is to provide a convenient platform for Government agencies and Citizens to derive benefits of technology.

eStamp Automation is a computerized method of paying non judicial stamp duty to the Government.

The platform allows an end user to order eStamp papers of pre-defined or ad-hoc values, anytime of the day, using phones, tablets or a PC and receive a secure verifiable eStamp paper delivered at your doorstep.

The State Government realizes the payment towards these purchases immediately and can also monitor real time data and analytics.

Holograms and QR codes make these eStamp instruments secure and verifiable at any point in time, eliminating forgery and impersonation.

With eStamp Automation, we provide the following benefits

Benefits to Government
  • Increased Revenues through a secured platform
  • Real Time Business Intelligence Reporting and Customized analytical reports
  • Same Day Amount realization
  • Employment generation
Benefits to Citizens
  • Convenient 24 X 7 buying capability
  • Door Step delivery
  • Hologram authentication to prevent duplication
  • Access through Website/Mobile Apps/Tablets
eStamp Automation Process
eStamp Automation