Vupadhi's Core strength is in providing flexible and easy-to-use solutions for various challenges in eGovernance sector. Using our solutions end users can easily switch over from manual process to the online process while saving on cost, time and effort.

The objective of achieving Electronic Governance (eGovernance) goes far beyond mere computerization of standalone back office operations. It means to fundamentally change how the Government operates and this implies a new set of responsibilities for the executive, legislature and the citizenry. This effort aims to bring about a social catharsis, which needs to be orchestrated in a comprehensive, concerted and planned fashion.

Few of our eGovernance initiatives are:

  • Citizen Service Centers (MeeSeva, eSeva)
  • Supplier Management
  • eTenders
  • eAuctions
  • ePayments supporting Payment Gateway integration with various Banks
  • eStamping
  • eCatalogue
  • Contract Management
  • Order Management