Vupadhi offers most of the eProcurement Solutions on SaaS (or Cloud) model enabling our esteemed clients to make use of the benefits of centralization through a single-instance, multi-tenant architecture and provides a feature-rich experience competitive with comparable            on premise applications.

Vupadhi's comprehensive eProcurement Solution is offered through SaaS Model so that our customers can use the Online Tenders and Online Auctions tools with minimal efforts as SaaS offers substantial opportunities for them to shift the risks of software acquisition and to move IT from a reactive cost center to being a proactive, value-producing part of the enterprise.

Below are major advantages of using our eProcurement Solutions on SaaS Model:


To use our eProcurement Solutions on SaaS Model, the only infrastructure needed is broadband internet connectivity. Rather than paying a licensing fee, our customers can simply pay on a subscription basis, similar to a monthly magazine subscription.

Flexibility and Speed

Our SaaS business model allows our customers to scale rapidly without incurring additional infrastructure or staffing costs. As a technology buyer, one can easily try out a few subscription seats on the platform. Service providers can readily support customers and respond to changing market requirements faster than with on premise software. While this is important in and of itself, it is further pertinent for volatile markets and industries.


Implementing a SaaS Solution can happen without disrupting day-to-day business and without necessitating a rip-and-replace exercise for a legacy IT system. Our eProcurement Solution can be integrated with your existing legacy systems/ERP systems. Our API is available for integration with SAP ERP.